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Fitness at work: We train you!

Upon request we come to your firm, company, office, or clinic. The duration of the training may range from 4 hours to 1,5 days. Depending on the number of participants, we will send one or more trainers. Depending on your needs, we will assemble a custom tailored program comprised of the modules: exercises, work place ergonomics, and/or self management at work.



We test und train your staff in a time and cost efficienly in groups with the spinal fitnes check. Based upon this check, each individual participant receives a personal fitness analysis and a custom tailored exercise program.

Work place ergonomics and self management at work.

The posture of each individual is examined and corrected during his regular workt. We employ an efficient and sustainable self mangement strategy. it enables the members of your work team to correct their posture independently as well as each others posture. This facilitates a lasting posture improvment, long after the training has been completed.

For information, planning, and quotes please email us at fischer@praxis-f.de