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How is your spinal fitness?

Find out how fit you are in comparison to your age and gender group, by entering spinal fitness check (see book) test results. Once you have entered all of your results, you can open and download a pdf featuring your personal fitness diagram.

Technical instruction:
The online-check works only if you continuously remain online during the entry of your data. The online-check also requires that your browser acepts cookies and that popup blockers are deaktivated. There is no "back" function. Therefore make sure all your entries on a page are correct before hitting the "Next" button.
If you use the "back" function of your browser, all previously entered data will be lost.


By clicking the "next" button I agree to anonymous storage (you never enter a name, address or other type of ID) of my data. These data are evaluated for the purpose of research and development of spinal fitness.




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