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Exercise videos

All 16 mobility exercises of the book are available as an exercise video on this website free of charge.

In addition to the exersise, the book also describes In patient language:

- a test for each exercise, based on which your therapist can tell whether it makes sense for you to do the respective exercise, how frequently you should do the exercise and when you can stop doing it,
- exercise alternatives,

and the following in therapist language:

- contraindications,
- information on what to do if an exercise doesn’t work
- a navigator that indicates what exercise is likely to help, depending where the pain or dysfunction is located,
- information on how progress with the exercises can be measured, and
- a chapter on the essential hows and whys of training



Only do the following exercise(s) if and as long as your physical therapist or physician has specifically advised you to.

Always watch the entire exercise video once, before beginning the exercise.

Do not do anything that causes pain or discomfort.

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