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Information and downloads in regards to the spinal fitness check are found here.


Facilitate the evaluation and treatment of your patient with the spinal fitness check

Let your patient do the spinal fitness check independently at home or under your supervision. The test results clearly show where the functional deficits of your patient lie and allow for a specific and efficient treatment.

Efficient diagnosis und group therapy

Even if you do the spinal fitness check with a group of people, each one of the participants will end up with a custom tailored fitness program. If the tests results are entered in the “online-check” a number of individualized PDFs may be downloaded, including a detailed graphic of the individual fitness in comparison to the respective age and age group.



We know that the majority of our patients with back pain can only experience a lasting improvement with regular exercise and a healthy posture.
As your co-trainer, the spinal fitness check directs your clients towards that goal in a professional and clear manner.  

This allows you, the health professional, to focus on the problems your client can’t solve independently.
Thus successful treatment outcome and lasting customer satisfaction may be achieved time efficiently. In the spinal fitness checks treatment plan it becomes clear to everyone involved, where progress was made and where deficits remain.


If you register online, you can compile a print out with the exercise program for your patient with the instruction and illustration from the book. A field on this handout is reserved for the entry of your letter head. This turns the handout into a professional business card with clinical merit. Each time your patient resorts to his home exercise program he will see your name and remember who helped him. Additionally you may register as a fitness check provider on our website. Finally the media like to report on your work with the spinal fitness check.