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In this book, you will find tests and exercises for posture, relaxation, movement, coordination, mobility, strength, and endurance, all of which are needed for a completely fit and healthy spine.

Efficiency and Safety
Testing and exercising can be carried out in one step. In addition, a navigation system indicates the right tests and exercises for any given area of symptoms and dysfunctions. The tests will also tell you when adequate fitness has been achieved, so that you may decrease the frequency of an exercise or stop it altogether. This too saves time and protects against injury resulting from excessive training.

The tests help to find and correct weak points before they become apparent as pain and obvious impairment. This is considerably simpler and more efficacious than correcting
weak points that have become so pronounced that symptoms have already developed.

The navigator is an image of a human being in which individual body parts are numbered. The respective number directs to a series of tests and exercises that are most likely to detect and eliminate the cause of the respective symptoms or dysfunctions in the respective area.
As in driving using a GPS, some people will be pleased with this orientation aid, whereas others would rather find their way alone.

Age and Gender-specific Fitness Diagramm
If the results of all the tests are entered on the books on the books homepage, a fitness diagram for a comparison of individual and average fitness of the same age and gender group is automatically generated.

Peter Fischer
Tests and exercises for the spine
1st Edition 2015
Publisher: Thieme
180 pages, 280 illustrations (mostly photos)

Price: USD 54.99

ISBN paperback: 978-3-13-176001-2
ISBN eBook: 978-3-13-176011-1

Book info

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